MAdison Trading LLC


While working at Bloomberg Financial Markets Baruki had an idea of opening up an Equity Proprietary Trading Firm to service the explosive market of traders trading stocks online.

By the Summer of 1998 Madison Trading LLC was launched in a small office on Madison Avenue and 32nd street.

Baruki and cofounder built the company from conception to a fully operational equity trading firm. This included designing a sustainable business model, hiring competent support staff, and recruiting talented traders.

The business was built, developed and maintained in an efficient and growth oriented manner. 


By the Summer of 1999 the company was in full swing with over 50 traders and a thriving trading floor.

Traders were being recruited on a weekly basis and the business began to explode with success. By the Winter of 2000 the company had grown to over 130 equity traders with offices in Manhattan, Florida, and Jerusalem Israel.

The revenues went from start up to over 10 million dollars a year by 2000 and continued to grow and succeed for years to come.

Over the subsequent 10 years Madison Trading generated over 100 million dollars is revenues and went on to become a Broker Dealer with extremely healthy profits year over year.


How do you achieve extreme growth in your business? Baruki and our other consultants have achieved super growth on numerous occasions, and can help you achieve good and sound growth too.

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