We know we can only be successful by bringing success to our clients. It is realy quite simple, if we do not bring results to our clients, ensuring positive return of their investment with us, then we will not be able to attract more clients and more success stories. Our clients say it the best with their comments and feedback. Here are a few of such feedbacks that we have received over the years:

I have worked with Baruki for over 10 years. Baruki has always been a great inspiration and a mentor. He is a true Entrepreneur. His business acumen, honesty, and vision are unparalleled.

Steve Ciner

Principal, Midwest Capital Group LLC

Baruki is a gutsy entrepreneur who doesn’t panic about competition. His business insights have been helpful for me, and I have always found him to be a mensch.

Scott Hirsch

Baruki has a keen eye on getting the job done. His analytical business acumen couple with his innate ability to execute and the result is success. This can be seen on both the micro level, how he approaches particular projects, and the macro level, with the long list of successful companies he has launched or guided.

Craig Lebowitz

Owner, Lebowitz Law Group

Baruki is a resourceful, creative and innovative entrepreneur and advisor who has successfully managed to start and develop a number of businesses in trading, mortgage origination and refinance, debt restructuring and online businesses including internet search optimization services.

Kim Bang

Managing Partner, Prolific Capital Markets LLC

I have known and done business with Baruki for more than 15 years and he has impeccable integrity and is extremely talented. I would give him the strongest endorsement .

James Casper

Ever since I met Baruki several years ago, he’s always been a source of professional insight and sensible advice that helped me in “moving the needle” in business (and life) – serving as an inspirational and practical mentor/friend in my quest to achieve my goals. If you get a chance to meet Baruki, you’ll understand what I mean… Baruki is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has reached great success, and is now dedicated to help entrepreneurs crate their own. As such, I’m grateful to call Baruki a close friend and mentor. I hope you get a chance to work with him.

Asher Abraham

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